Michael is a consummate New Yorker. He was born and raised on the Upper West Side and still lives in the same neighborhood. According to Michael, he grew up with a bigger backyard than most kids because his backyard was Central Park. He is extremely active in sports and loves to work out. His favorite sports include basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, boxing, and scuba diving. In fact, scuba diving has allowed Michael to travel to many places such as the Bahamas, several Caribbean countries, Hawaii, and Australia. 

Michael has been lucky enough to experience many different professions throughout his life and they include: financial advisor, basketball coach, teacher, and camp counselor. Throughout his professional career, he always focused on the proper way to plan financially, to teach, and to coach, all the while stressing the importance that the best way to get results is to lead individuals through a process.

As a Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness Specialist, the most important objective when working with children and adolescents in the realm of sports and fitness is to make sure they have a positive learning experience. For that reason, I have taken the emphasis on winning out of the equation. My philosophy is one of INclusion, not EXclusion. The best way to INclude a child or adolescent in an activity is to find out what they love and use that as motivation. We help kids actively pursue excellence in small manageable increments through the method of EMPOWERMENT. In essence, we teach kids how to move properly, reduce risk of injury, develop a long-term love for exercise, and focus on continual improvement not performance. Overall, our objective is to enable any child, regardless of ability or background, to have an enriching active experience.