In-House and Outdoor Sessions

Empowered Assessment 

The assessment is utilized to gauge a child's or adolescent's current physical fitness status, which is paramount for program design.

Empowered Assessment - $95


Empowered Private Sessions

These programs are personalized to benefit beginners, advanced, and sport-specific individuals. Our trainers will work with your children to find the best program and make changes as your child develops. The best part about our private sessions is that we provide a safe and positive environment in order that your child be comfortable, have fun, and be creative.

Empowered Package #1  8 sessions = $800

Empowered Package #2  10 sessions = $950


Empowered Family/Group Sessions

This program also provides personal attention, but your child gets to share their experience with others. These sessions are designed to benefit the whole group. We include general conditioning, sport-specific programming, as well as group games. This is a great way for your child to be physically and socially active, and lends it's self to pushing one's self both mentally and physically.


Empowered Edge Sessions

*Same pricing structure as private sessions

This program caters to individuals who want to develop their full athletic potential and gain a competitive advantage over their opponent. Our Youth Fitness Specialists know how to push an athlete to the edge without going over the edge. We help individuals get faster, stronger, and more explosive. Our curriculum places a high emphasis on running technique, athletic coordination, balance, relative strength, and essential neuromuscular movement patterns. Lastly, and most importantly, these vital components are the foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of physical activity.


Empowered Plus: Special Needs Program

*Same pricing structure as private sessions

The Empowered Plus program offers special needs children a safe and engaging environment to actively participate in sports and fitness. This program is designed to enhance the foundations of strength and stability, power and coordination, and endurance through fundamental movement patterns. In addition to working the body we also believe in exercising the mind. Our programs are designed to increase areas of creativity, focus, social activity, problem solving skills, and even language. We have found that by following the individual's lead, it results in the most interactive, engaging, and creative sessions for the individual. Kids love to use their imagination, which enables us to build upon their skills, confidence, and self-esteem. These are the key ingredients for a of long-term love of physical activity. 


Empowered Birthday Parties!

It's your BIRTHDAY, so make it what you want! Sports theme? Dance theme? Perhaps a combination of the two!? We are all about creativity and fun at Empowered Sports and Fitness. No party is exactly the same. We want to help you celebrate your special day and create memories you will never forget. 

$300 for the first hour and $150 for every additional hour for up to 10 children